In conversation w/john ruffolo (ceo @ omers ventures)

When it comes to start-ups, the timing is all. This is very similar to surfing-you should know when the pop-up popup menu. You should know when you need to move from the position at the top of the board to the position in the vertical position. Too soon or too late, you’re gonna miss the wave. John Ruffolo, CEO of OMERS Ventures, is not a surfer. He doesn’t run the trial wave-it provides water. He did The wave. Since its launch in 2011, the company has invested more than $350 million in 30 Canadian companies. His job created more than 5,000 jobs and raised $1.4 billion in capital. On the horizon is fixed eyes, John is engaged in the future of the retail trade, a financial revolution, future work, future of transport and synthetic biology. But how did John, to some extent, be a school-free, one of the technologies, the media and telecommunications technology in Canada? Two words: Adaptability and opportunity. It’s very similar to water Part 1: High School I was an academic, who probably didn’ t work as hard as he probably had to have, haha! But for me, the scientists were relatively easy Very optimistic. My career aspirations have already formed less or less formed. When I was in elementary school, I always wanted to be a lawyer. When I was 16, I started working at the bank. By the time I was 17, one of the people I loved (and was very strong) was an accountant. However, if you notice that the pattern was-and I think this is the most significant change from today, against when I was going to school-it was, above all, a desire to be in a profession (not in the business sector). I stayed in the classic admin/account/banker archetype. Two reasons. First of all, I gave up my lawyer’s path. And I was still deciding whether to be a banker or an accountant. Schulich was one of the schools that had a great accounting program, and she offered a chartered accountant. Secondly, I must support my work as a banker. I always felt it was my other career choice. Thus, the only way to do both is to stay in the city (and use both options) My mother is the reason I hit the bank first. And it was the school I was thinking about accounting. The banks and accounting-these two threads were parallel. This is the beginning of my entire career, up to this day: adaptability and opportunities. And I keep maximizing these two. Every summer I would work as a bank manager. In my third year of university, my friends decided to work with an accounting firm. I followed him. I made a deal with the bank and the accounting firm that I would be working full time on both positions all summer. They both agreed Yes, I do. I was on an advance with both employers to decide which one I prefer. So, literally, on the right side of the end, I’m parallels with these two Adaptability and opportunities. It’s the name of the game Part 2: Secondary education Nothing has changed in my woodwind. In fact, for the first two years, it’s gotten worse. That’s what they’re saying, I’m still servicing A +. I mean, before my third year, business school. Then, for the first time, I realized that “God, it’s hard.” And for the first time, I reduced my watch (at work). So to give you meaning, everything, through my first two years of university, I worked 30 hours a week and went to school eight Yes, I do. I know. I know. However, in my third year, it fell. That was 30 hours at school. So I reduced it to 15 hours. You know, again, supporting this opportunity. It was very, very difficult A few sports. I’d be here and there. However, it will be a charity and a political activity. I’ve always been involved in this, that is, what goes on for me, until that day. I completely agree For me, he kept “A + Average”, keeping all the other extracurricular activities, including work. This is when I have come to my main power, which to this day, my ability to maintain and juggle a vast number of diverse, eclectic things. I was devastated when I was forced to make an investment and bank position, even though we have five years of experience with banking investments. “You should start with a clerical job,” they told me. Which was a little bit lower where I was. “Are you kidding?” I’ve been down. “ I’ve been here six years! I know the retail, inside and out. ” I was angry. They were looking from an academic point of view to hire people who had a certain bloodline. However, I didn’ t have that. But I had the opportunity Experience. I had an extraordinary experience with the bank. That was the reason they “did me a favor” and offered me a job in the first place. The man who interviewed me was the vice president. He was in the bank for 25 years. I asked him, “ How long do you think you think I’m going to be vice president? Because I’d like to be vice president when I’m 30 years old. “This guy said to me, with a straight face. ” We like to do things at a very high speed. Look at me, you can be like me, and in 25 years, you’re the vice president. “ On the same day, I turned off the bank and went to the accounting firm. The interview was very different. I asked my interlocutor in the accounting company the same thing: “I’d like to be a 30-year-old partner, what do you think?“They said, “You can go so fast or slow.” I took a little less than half the salary of an accounting firm than a bank. And by the time I was 30, I became a partner. So, here it is, again, intransigence and adaptability. What was the opportunity? Proportionality was that the accounting firm allowed me to create my own opportunities as quickly or slowly as I would like. It’s a belief that, “Yes, you can be anyone.” Adaptability knew that people made this mistake all the time. They’re starting to change jobs for a few extra extra dollars, not a long-term game. In fact, it’s a long term game that wins. It was the smarmy move I’ve ever done Then all the money will be Part 3: Dream Job It’s not like being the fastest or the smarest. It boils down to someone who works hard. But when I say it’s hard, it doesn’t mean it’s a long time. This has nothing to do with the time correlation However, he has everything to do with the ability to work. And intellectual curiosity. That’s the biggest problem. In fact, it hurts me in the short term on this day, but it’s proven to be something that has been done to my advantage. If you look at my career, I’ve been making massif career rotation all the time. You say, “So, how does this happen?” I started in the banking sector. Then I was an auditor. And then I became a tax guy. However, as an expert on taxes, I tried to get to know the business, and I began to acquire knowledge about technology and tapped myself from the tax expert to the technology specialist It is noteworthy that the few people I worked with were able to do so. What for? It was an intellectual curiosity. Okay? How does business work? How does entrepreneurship work? Although I was not a businessman (at least in the external sense). I’d say I was loyal. Once again, adapt to different circumstances; I was an optional one. So I was a tax man, and I was a technical person. I figured out which one was better for me all the time. Which I enjoy. Then, as I can, with the unassable prospect, went on studying Again, smart, right? You start saying, “Okay, I’m looking at the road,” and I said, “Okay, here’s what I want.“So I made a very conscious decision, saying, “I want to be a tech specialist.” But I was a tax expert. It’s very hard to do. So I said, “It will be the right place for me.” What started, starts at Arthur Andersen, and then-Deloitte, I started to drive. So, I built, we called it high-tech practice, at the time, in 1992, when I was 26 years old, and I started to create this before, when no one knew what the hell was My first two clients are small companies called Microsoft and Oracle at the time. There was nothing else. I made sure I was a student of business. However, it’s funny when you’re a 26-year-old guy who only knows the tax. I would ask all these questions about technology. What was interesting in a prospectus, I don’t understand why so many people didn’ t say, “ Why do you have to ask me all these questions? Shouldn’t you be asking me questions about taxes? “I’d say, ” Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll do it. But let me understand your business so I can optimize it there. “ It’s true. But what I did, I was trying to figure out how much I could I see the future every day. It’s the best thing that can’t be money or money. I’ll introduce you to people like you. It wants to change the world. That’s the thing. That’s why I stayed. I left Deloitte, where I was on the board. I’d be one of the candidates for the CEO. Canada is going through a terrible lack of capital. It was the practice I was about, and I saw her suffering. I felt there was a moral obligation to leave. I didn’ t have a reserve. People were shocked that I was out of my control. I can tell you, in the prospectus, it looks easy, but it was scary Again, all my points of reference were always when I was at the top of the game, I just left and went to the next. You know you didn’ t share the anxiety you have, but you have a great concern to do so. So when you take him down, there’s nothing more interesting Correct. My colleagues didn’ t know my tips were already over. When I see young people at Deloitte, I will be honest, it’s not a selfish comment-they say, “Oh my God, I’ve heard of your legacy.” Since I remained in absolute peak condition, I went away for a few reasons, but what you didn’ t see was just because he only had a descent. I think people stay too long Because they’re not scared too long, right? So, go to the next Part 4: The future I mean, there are a few of them. However, I would say that I have been spending too much time recently to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data. I’m not very often predicted, but I was expecting all this Facebook, Google fiasco Right. All of this, starting two years ago. Then last year we developed our investment theme. To say that the world is beginning to understand that this is a problem. Okay, that’s all that happened. So, we’re going to announce our first investments, to plow into the heart of this space, which is where I think, and I hope for sovereignty. This shows where I believe, and I hope, the sovereignty of personal data will be. Except how to make money around him. When you see this investment analysis, you’ll be, “Oh, I see what he’s doing.” I’ve been following this company for seven years, but I wasn’t sure the market was ready for them. Then, from a year ago, I began to haunt them. They’re not in Canada. I started chasing them, and they said, “ Fine. That’s why we’re just going to make that deal. “ Once again, so you can go back to your character and adaptability. On the business front, I will consult with all the enterprises I consult. And venture capital is only one of those enterprises that we built and launched. We have eight or seven additional businesses. One of the problems is that you can work on one side of the brain. Thus, I have completed my charitable and non-commercial activities. Environmental sustainability-one theme, innovation is a big theme. Then I study cultural studies. All he does is try to use other parts of my brain, number one. First, it also works to keep your feet firmly on the ground so that you can appreciate what you have I would tell you that the characteristics that I mentioned to you-intellectual curiosity, are one of them. We’re looking for great athletes. We’re not looking for you to be a specific expert in a particular area. It’ll take a long time. That’s the job. However, we are looking for someone who wants to learn, who can adapt to different situations. Once again, if they know any part of the business, not the other, they can turn themselves. However, the presence of this basic skill is one big one that will distinguish you. Therefore, if you look at those who are here, they are very well represented in this particular ability I’d say there’s a lot of smart people, but it’s a team game. So this isn’t the place if you want to be a lone wolf. Is that really how you play the team? Then the team wins and loses together. What you find here is a very, very strong culture. There’s no rule “no asshole.” Because we keep the team invisible, and if there are elements that interfere with the team, it is very, very visible because of the size of the groups. Thus, we will always keep the teams relatively tight and small, because the number of people in the actual portfolio companies I’ll give you two. The first thing I got after I was at the investment level. It was, “ Remember, John. You’re not a fund investor. You are a fund-refunk. ” That I hit my head a little bit. It’s easy to make an investment. However, I must return every dollar that I receive three times as much. It was an excellent investment council However, the best thing that ever happened to me happened to me when I was about 20 … I know it was 26. That was when I started building Arthur Anderson Technology. I came to this lawyer who was king of technology, legally. He was 20 years older than me. I ran into him on a transaction that had nothing to do with technology. Moreover, I knew who he was. I called him cold. I said, “Can I meet you so I can choose your brain in your strategy in terms of technology?” He doesn’t give me a call that wasn’t surprising. After about a month, he calls me. He’s terrified he took a month. And I’m there, I’m excited by my mind that he called me, and I just said, “Hey, don’t worry, I’m thrilled that you called me, for God’s sake.“He said, ” No, it’s not. Instead, I’m leaving the house for lunch. “ It turns out that we grew up in a similar area, had similar interests. That’s when I became the biggest source of income in this man’s career. He was already one of the most exclusive lawyers in Toronto. On this day, he is a lawyer for all USERS operations here. He’s still on my network So the point is that every person, and I get a lot, a lot of outreach, you don’t know who was in contact with you. That’s why I’m always happy to meet a man. Now you have to earn a second visit. But so many entrepreneurs, and that’s why it’s so … it’s young kids who have a dream. You don’t know that there’s Mark Zuckerberg or someone in there. So you can’t be arrogant, and you need to meet everyone and give it back. Once you get it back, you’ll find that this relationship will pay you several times a few times. I don’t know who that is. It could be you The “Student Life” series, “Student Life”, “Student Life”, contains information about the most advanced in Canada business on behalf of millions of students across the country we hold exclusive informational interviews with titans of industry. Having learned how these leaders have succeeded in moving from high school to post-secondary school, we capture their wisdom and knowledge, and we will share with you

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