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In this tutorial, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to study art and have a career based on art. We’ll discuss the best schools, potential vacancies and, most importantly, how to get a scholarship for art! (ALL) But first, asking yourself some simple questions. Where do you want to go to school? What kind of art do you want to study? Do you have a portfolio with your previous job? These issues are critical to the possibility of narrowing the search for the fellows Art scholarships are based on talent. All scholarships will also ask for your academic record (s), but first priority is on your achievements and unstructured talent. For experienced artists, this can often be an advantage Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, BA, Artistic, Studio Art, Art History … No wonder there is a mix-up. Next, we’ll look at each degree and the differences between them so that you can make informed decisions about the degree to which you are most appropriate. BFA is a standard higher education for art students. This is suitable for those who study visual or executive art. There’s a studio component to this. Approximately two thirds of this is artistic research, and only one third is for liberal arts (which is the main difference from BA in the article). Most BFA require students to choose their specialties. These include: ceramics, drawing, animation, visual art, sculpture, and much. Some schools choose to make education more widely available in general. BFA is usually a four-year degree, but sometimes takes longer to meet the requirements of the studio. At the international level, this degree is often called a Bachelor of Arts (BCA) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) in fine arts. Many students are interested in art. This degree often requires the execution of a higher project and visits to museums and galleries. In addition to studying both art and other subjects, you will have to spend a lot of hours in the studio. The studio majors are subject to BFA or BA degrees. Additional information about this subject This decision is highly dependent on your career goals. Liberal Education (BA) offers you many career opportunities and well rounded education. In BFA you will be very focused on your basic fine art. It will prepare you for art, but not for other things. It is important to think about your chances of success with BFA and decide if you want to choose a more general degree. Don’t forget that the artist’s way of life can be very difficult. If you’re passionate, you can go! Do not take this decision seriously. The art history of today has become very attractive. To this extent, students have many skills that can be transformed into a wide variety of careers. These include critical thinking, aesthetics, memory and pattern recognition, and more. In studying art history, not only do you learn about art history, you learn more about culture. You’ll learn the story from a different point of view. There are many different career paths that can be used after studying art history. These include curator, art dealer, art writer, etc. Art is a competitive field. School enrolment and scholarships may be difficult and stressful. We’re here to help! Your first step is to create an art gallery. For example, do you know that most art schools want to see examples of drawings in your portfolio? A conservative drawing is just something that sounds like. You should see something and draw it! This is true even if you do not use fine art. The observed figures show that you are an artist who is critical to many professions. This includes, for example, design and architecture Don’t take part in the briefcase! This is your chance to shine and show the art school/scholarship that you are as an artist. Check this out to get more ideas and tips to create a better portfolio. Like we said, there’s tons of art scholarships. It is important that you limit the search to the art you want to study. In addition, in many cases, scholarships may be awarded through college or university to which you have participated To find the best scholarship for your research, it’s important to narrow down the search according to the field. Most scholarships are based on talent and your portfolio. Some will provide you with materials and materials based on your art field. Others may even give you the opportunity to be in a couple with the artist’s mentor to guide you Art schools are expensive and incredibly competitive. The same applies to artistic scholarships. It is important that you show your work so that you can consider them Everybody wants to go to the best art schools, don’t they? We have gathered some information about high art schools in the United States, as well as at the international level. Look Parsons, New Design School, New York. Parsons is a world leader in design and fashion. At a ratio of 1: 9 low personal value is the basis for success Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. He’s familiar with architecture and design. Pratt is constantly being considered as a high art college. CalArts, Valencia, California. A private school with a wide range of research, including art, theatre and music. UCLA, Los Angeles. UCLA is a large university that differs from most other schools in this list. The first programs include drawing and sculpture Moore is an art and design college, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s an independent school with BFA for women. Alumni programmes are open to both men and women. The school has its own gallery. School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). The school is in close cooperation with the Art Institute of Chicago. Fields of study: Printing, fibres and sculpture. Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island. One of the best art schools in the country offers a wide range of programs. These include clothing design, industrial design, print and others. Here you will use small classes and many famous artists Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT is a world leader in architecture, art and design. Design Academy, Eindhover, Netherlands. Internationally recognized programmes in design, fashion, graphic design, art and architecture. All students receive a bachelor’s degree in design Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy. Famous for its cash-design program (it localized in Milan afterall!) Ecole nationale intale des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France. One of the most recognized art schools in the world. A lot of famous artists went through their doors. Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris, France. Nicknamed “Paris 1” (“Paris 1”), this school is famous for its plastic arts (sculpture and ceramics). Royal College of Art, London, England. This school is focused on post-graduate degrees in art and design. I counted one of the best art schools in the world London Art University, England. The university consists of six different art colleges. It is considered one of the 10 best art schools in the world and has many areas of knowledge. Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. It is the only Asian art school to be considered in the best 25 design schools around the world. A simple answer: a lot! With some degree in the history of fine art or art, you can open many career paths. After studying fine arts, many students want to become artists. It is possible, but often it is a difficult path, especially at the beginning. In this work you will create your own original works in your field (drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, etc.). You may be instructed to perform certain tasks and sell them in the gallery or through an agent. If you want to be an excellent artist, you will most likely require complete or partial work to finance yourself. Many students hold their diplomas in different positions. This can be true for all degrees of art, including BA and BFA. You can work as a gallery manager or employee, a school or a college instructor, or lecturer or graphic designer. Your degree will also help you in other positions that are indirectly related to your degree. For example, to be an art therapist, a museum or curator of a gallery or a style. As we have already said, there is a wide range of jobs for those with an artistic specialty. The pay range is great and depends on experience and talent. We have compiled a list of priority tasks for students with an art major: Director of Art-Top Level Managers who control all art related to production. You will need a Bachelor of Arts in the Arts or related field, and often MBA or Master of Fine Arts. Salary range: $42,840 (In thousands of United States dollars) (In United States dollars) Art Agent/Business Manager-These are experts who should always be at the top of trends. They represent artists and, accordingly, their promotion. The minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree in art history and as an artist. Wages are often based on commissions ranging from $41,740. (In thousands of United States dollars) (In United States dollars) An artistic professor, Tach, your passion for others! Most major colleges and universities require doctorate degrees. Average wage: $45,370 (United States dollars) (In United States dollars) Commercial Artist creates art in advertising campaigns, magazines and others. Minimum BA in art, average salary of $43,980 to $85.160 a year Who doesn’t want to work at Disney? In this task, you create the movement of images used in a wide variety of multimedia data. BA in computer graphics, salary range from $45,750 to $82,860 SCHA A graphic designer-these designers can create visual elements for public or private organizations. Graphic designers used computer software and often drew pictures. BFA or BA in graphic design vary from 33 410 to $59,410 per year Art Gallery Dealer-these industry experts buy and sell various kinds of art. They work with many artists in the field of art. Most dealers in art galleries have degrees in art history. Salary range: $30-$70,000 (In United States dollars) Advertigo Designer-Create and create advertising announcements for publication. Bachelor in graphic design, art, photography or related fields. Salary range: $33,960 (United States dollars) SCHA If you choose to go to fine arts, history of art or something else, a degree in art will surely forget you in the future! Good luck!