Five inconvenient truss college/university today

Having positive experience after secondary processing, you must understand these five important but inconvenient truths about college/university today

Where I hang (mostly Reddit threads and YouTube comments), nobody really is happy with college and university. Most of the employees who finish off work rarely praise. The descriptive part of the terama is shining brightly, especially in the light of the horror of student debt

I can understand if you have 1991, but choose to go to the cinema in 2017?

All right, get this: me

Colleagues and universities-as they are today-with lectures, projects and examinations, may not work as effectively as they used to be

Colleges/universities, let me present to you what alternatives are in the course of the millennium and whatever the next generation:

Alternative learning is no longer an "iffy" option because jobs become more qualified

Not having a university degree or degree, but the necessary skills are available in some sectors. Monisha Thimmaaiah, a personnel management specialist in the financial services industry, explains that the workforce has become very special. For "technical, more specialized works, this is all about the right qualification, on the right, that the work is not wholly alien to them." I'm talking about accountants, auditors -- they need to be a CA, a CPA, or a finance master

"But for the role of sales, she says," Employers prefer candidates who have the skills and experience to create positive business impact. " Recruitment, air transportation and retail sales are much wider than we do

On the other hand, a basic criterion in some areas, such as expertise or nutrition, is a four-year university degree or a university degree. For some employers, a college degree or university degree may be of value, because it shows that you have a candidate who has firmness, hard work and a desire to do something. Most of the grownup is that you don't always like your ability. And through this giant complex course, called college/university, shows you can

Good education is often seen as "relevant" and guarantees a reduced risk of entering the labour market. People passing through this system can work with this job. A job that brings money and thus freedom to live. This type of linear approach to happiness in life certainly puts onus in education to be profitable. And according to these criteria, what we have today as education can be brief

The choice of what to learn by studying the market is not an ideal solution

Our minds live in extreme distraction. Discipline and focus required to carefully select courses. Parting and accepting on schedule at 18 years of age is rare

You can do this for the "Potion Potion" effect in one project for a couple of weeks. But not your full education

Very lazy and very ingenious will be quickly fed up and disappointed by the simple use of the Internet as a learning tool

The school needs to become more an incubator, in line with the growing popularity of entrepreneurship

In an ideal world, learning will thrive without the impending fear of employment. In fact, it is the only authorized time of life in which you can immerse yourself in something that is governed solely by curiosity and passion for this subject. Nashing is a special kind of love that often takes away the great stuffing

In order to be successful, even in terms of strict employment, you need two things:

Not all have equal access to the development of their technical skills. Fortunately, the Internet is solving this problem

But the other part is soft skills. Situation/university education does not test your ability to innovate, solve a problem, or return from system. It's still more of a timeline than the depth

Students may not be complacent when entering college/university. But the structure is so you can walk away from a moment of complacency. Low attendance and non-submission of projects remain a problem. These are just a few ways that can spoil education for themselves

This is the time to take part in the YouTubeers program, for example, Video Revealed, and Every Frame a Painting into the curriculum

With the help of a huge number of textbooks and master classes, the teacher's contribution to date may well be narrative. They can provide a flow of information and explain how they all fit in so that you are not just a repository

You still need a man, preferably a genome, to draw these connections.  YouTubeders makes it a good video essay. The instructor should know all available resources as a guide

That means you can no longer sleep in YouTube, academic

Dr. Fazal Malik, Dean of the Humanities, Arts and Applied Sciences at Amity University, Dubai recognizes the urgent need to remain relevant:

As new educational technologies and teaching methods change the way students are taught, universities must be transformed to remain relevant. Online open educational resources, social media platforms and mobile applications open countless ways to know and do things. This implies changing the traditional role of educational institutions

He added that universities need to change in order to remain unique. They should move from school-based learning institutions to scenario-based learning sites, "where innovative infractions, new technologies and modern teaching methods lead to the creation of a learning environment necessary to develop a workforce suitable for a rapidly changing industry."

The mentoring focuses on the importance of the University for Youth

Another valuable experience in traditional learning is the time you get with experienced, experienced people. Those who invest in your growth and success. I was not personally at the end of the question. But if there are more teachers in schools who are willing to mentor, then many people will not feel that the college/university is a waste of time

Even if all students have to offer you a polycysical essay and five hours of attendance, the college/university must be one of the faculty members to get the time and opinion on the student's work. This conversation can change the entire career path of the student (satisfied, it will be a brief meeting). In fact, you're thinking about teaching rights

You must be a source of knowledge. The liaison expert. An innovative thinker. And a consultant who needs to give the student a value. Thank you, Ellen, that you regularly respect the teachers!

Unfortunately, today's education system is the result of two things: (1) Comment of knotizone as skill, and 2) The lack of human connection. Joint-use platforms can allow college/university education to be relevant. Personal teachers can take into account all differences in time when communication encounters all types of breakage. Not a good time to be truly creative with our approach to education

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Sandhya is the author of content and media time lecturer at the University of Amity University Dubai. She graduated from a movie school more than two years ago, but still has international student experience through her subkasting, "Chauzia" with Wiesus